(the red A pin on Google Map)

Tokyo, Shinjyuku-ku, Takadanobaba 4-2-31,
Seko bldg 2F, door 203

If you arrive by JR Yamanote line, please exit on the Toyama exit (south exit) and turn right.

If you arrive by Seibu Shinjuku line, please exit on the Toyama exit (south exit) and turn right.
Please walk into the underway passage.

If you arrive by Subway Tozai line, please exit by the exit n°1 and turn left.
Go around the pachinko building and follow the railway.
You will pass close to a first convenience shop "Lawson" and will arrive to the south exit of the JR train station.

Then you will see a convenience shop "Sunkus", turn left.
Follow the railway and you will arrive to two restaurants
(Japanese dining style and ramen shop).
Enter into the building next to the ramen shop
(the entrance is between the ramen shop and the next drug store).
Japan Pole Dance studio is on the 2nd floor (door 203).



(the green arrow on Google Map)

Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda 5-5-7,
Panse Akihabara Bldg B1F

If you arrive by JR Akihabara station, please exit on Akihabara Electric Town exit.
Then turn left (for reaching Chuo Dori street).
Turn right (northward, heading to Ueno) and walk down the avenue until the subway
station and pass it.
If you arrive by Subway Ginza line (Suehirocho station),
please exit by the exit n°2 and walk down to the street.

When you arrive to the next traffic light, turn on the right.
Walk straight and at the second cross road, you will arrive to the studio.
It is located in the studio cafe Funny Tips (B1F).



Yokohama, Naka-ku, Minaminakadori 4-55,
Kokusai bashadou bldg B1F

The easiest way is to arrive from the Bashamichi station (Minato Mirai Line).
Just exit on the exit n°5 and walk down the street.
When you arrive at the crossroad, the Kokusai bashadou building is just on the opposite side.

It is possible to arrive to the studio from the Kannai station
with JR Yokohama Line/Keihin Tohoku Line (~7minutes from north exit) and the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line (~6minutes from exit n°9).


The studio is in the massage salon "Fumi Massage".

Tochigi-ken, Utsunomiya-shi, Miyukihoncho 46-46,
Nikken Bldg B1F

The entrance is same as the massage salon "Fumi Massage" (written "ふみマッサージ" on the entrance panel).

How to book

※ If you want to book, please, read first and agree the Japan Pole Dance Terms
before any reservation.

For booking, we need those information:
Name of the student
Date&hour and name of the desired lesson
Contact phone number (cell phone)


If you would like to book a lesson or some question by e-mail,
please e-mail us this address.↓
lesson & question

In case of booking, please don't forget to sent those information above.

Booking by mixi

Once you fill out those information above, please send message to ↓

JPD community


You can call us to this phone number ↓

If no response, please leave a voice mail with the information above and
we will call you back as soon as possible.