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SATSUKI・・・Pole dance, Yoga, Sexy Dance instructor

Founder of Japan Pole Dance and main pole dancer instructor.
Satsuki began to practice pole dance more than 12 years ago.

Active in various events and parties, both as pole dancer than as party organizer.
Appeared as well as in DVD ("Pole Dance Summit" and "Let's Pole Dance") and newspapers or magazines.
Newly appeared with the online pole lesson.

Her shows are usually with rock songs, but she is comfortable with any kind of music.

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ITAMI・・・Pole Dance, HipHop instructor

She started to dance in 1985 and at the same time, she suddently received a strong interest for black culture (from US black people) and unique dance from it.
She continued to learn the dance in Los Angeles since 1990 during her teacher work (she started to teach HipHop dance since 1989).
She won the HipHop Japan Cup'95, spend two years (from 1997 to 1998) in Los Angeles and had several auditions in famous agencies such the Bobby Ball Agency.
She became a member of MaDonna Grimes Dance Team in 2000 and then came back in Japan.
Later, she was a member of the main crew of the Japan Team (MaDonna said "Yoko's dance style is the black style, her soul is same as black people").
The same year, B.D.mo dance group was created.

Itami participated to those events:
Fitness Forum 2000 in Yokohama (in 2000)
The Reeboc Resolution & JAFA Forum in Tokyo (in 2002)
Fitness Forum in Yokohama (in 2002), Presentation of the L.A.style

In 2009, in cooperation with Japan Pole Dance, the new style "Pole'n HipHop" which combine both HipHop and Pole dance was created and the lesson became available soon after.
Now Itami spends her time between teaching dance, training professional dancers and instructors and organizing events.

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NOZOMI・・・Pole Dance instructor

Performing in different clubs in Tokyo (Pluck @ tsc), she started to be known during pair pole dance shows.
She continues alone both as pole dancer as well as HipHop GOGO.
She joined JPD and has now lessons.
Nozomi's speciality is creation of choreography of pair pole team.


YASUTAKA・・・Pole dance instructor

He started as Gogo dancer in 2003.
Due to his good looking and attractive style, he participated to several national events,
reBall @ soul of Korea, JUNIOR VASQUEZ @ ageHa, RED @ UNIT Daikanyama, PIEROOT @ Nagoya, MFS @ Fukuoka, stylish @ warehouse, AQUA5thNight @ Tokushima, Gay parade 2005 (Badi float),...
and some events in the ginza club "Sabaku no Bara".

He started pole dance in 2006 and became poledancer in 2009.
Recently he extends his work from gogo dancer, pole dance, MarcJacobs model,
movie actor ("maison de Himiko" movie), TV show (TBS30 style).

He always gave the maximum for the events he participated.

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RABBI・・・Pole dance instructor

She met pole dance in 2008 and immediately felt great interest in.

Soon after she started lessons with Satsuki.
And now, she realized her dream and became instructor in JPD.

She wants to bring kind of fascination to pole dance, always bringing fun to everybody.
She puts a lot of energy in her shows, dynamic movements but keep it with a feminine mind, for having the best pole dance performance.
Her shows are mainly in small or underground club events in Shinjuku, Kouenji and another places.
Now, in collaboration with punk bands, she is the organizer of the RandyBunnyNight, located in Kouenji.

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ALOE・・・Pole dance instructor

She started dance during the college with dance circle and had some competitions during that time.
Later, she had shows in clubs and discovered the pole dance.
In 2010, she had one month tour in North America with her dance band and went in New York, Montreal (Canada) and a dozen of another places.

She was finalist in Miss Pole Dance Japan 2011.
She is a member of the dance band Tokyo Dolores.
Tokyo Dolores' Homepage

Her style is cute, feminine as well as really good performance.

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ALK・・・Pole dance instructor

She is pole dancer as well as Aerial Performer / Aerial Silk / Aerial Ring.
She was finalist in Miss Japan Pole dance 2011 and 2012.

She is a member of Cirque du Soleil
and registered artist in Aerial Dance Project Art

Since a young age ALK had close ties with planar expression such as watercolor, acryl painting, computer graphics, sketching.
In 2005 she graduated from Yokohama College of Art and Design.
During the degree her thirst for expression shifted towards a more direct form,
eventually physical expression.
Aerial performances such as pole dance and aerial silk are her gifts
(certified 4th graduate of AADP).

In 2010 ALK went on a North American Tour for a month in numerous cities including New York and Montreal.
In 2011 she was invited as a guest performer for the big Italian comic festival Lucca Comics Games with over 200,000 visitors.

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SACHIKO・・・Pole Dance instructor

Sachiko started as gogodancer before discovering poledance.
During her free time, she trained pole dance and started to be gogodancer in music club in Shibuya.
Now she is pole teacher and party organizer of poledance + kimono party in different places in Tokyo.

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Hi-Z・・・Pole Dance instructor

JapanPoleDance Instructor.
He started in 2003 as fitness instructor. He learned Aerobics, step fitness as well as yoga.
Then he started in 2009 poledancing. In fact he was Yasutaka student.
He become professional poledancer since 2010.
He specially likes spinning and quick tricks.
Now he performes a lot in Tokyo as pair poledancer with Yasutaka.

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