Pole set and extensions parts Shopping

FIt Pole Spin&Static Removable

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・Pole A
・Pole B
・instruction book

Static or spinning , two hidden screws to lock/unlock.
※The pole diameter can be 42mm or 48mm, please choice which size you want.。

FitPole Spin&static removable pole set price is 70,000円(tax and shipping fees not included))
The shipping fees are around3000円

Pole set remarks

Extendable from 2400mm to 2650mm if you use extension pole highest31500mm .

This pole should be installed in a room with concrete or strong floor and ceiling.
Do not use with weak wood ceiling for example!
This pole should be fixed on a solid but not imitated and suspended ceiling! 。

We shipinng from finland,It should be arriving in 3weeks for Japan.

Extension Pole

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Extension Pole Price(tax and shipping fees not included). )
・50cm  10,000円
・25m  8,800円

Shipping fees for one extension is around 2000円
※If you order same time Fit pole spin, Shipping fees is 3000円

How to order

 ・Full name
 ・please describe completely your order of pole set and/or pole extensions
 (for example: 1x pole set 42mm diameter + 50cm extension 42mm diameter)

■Once you write your mail order, your can sent ithereto oreder
※Delivery time is around 20 days if the parts are available, thank you for your comprehension.