HOMELesson details

Lesson details

Muscle Training Class

This lesson locuses on the muscles training and the body flexibility needed for good
pole dance conditions.
The second part is more gym movements focused for a better endurance.
The training is mainly designed to match with pole dance muscle use,
but it suits for a nice fitness training too.

Basic Pole Dance Class

This lesson will show you what is pole dance and how to start it.
The student will learn the basics such as how to pose with the pole and basic spin.
This lesson is highly recommended for the novices who want to start pole dance.
Usually, the student who begins pole dance may practice between 2 to 4 lessons before
the beginner lesson.

Beginner Pole Dance Class

This lesson is for the students who has already touched a pole and made the basic classes.
The student will learn easy spining tricks and static positions very popular in pole dance.
The result will be a complete movements set including climbing, up side down position and
spining around the pole.

Intermediate Pole Dance Class

This lesson requires to have a good beginner lesson's tricks mastery before going ahead.
The student will learn advance figures which are nice looking and already suitable for
great pole dance shows.
Usually, the figures made in intermediate lesson are from climbing the pole or holding it,
and then making one or several acrobatic position.
Because of the difficulty of some movements, the student should have good muscle training.

Advance Pole Dance Class

This lesson is one step harder than Intermediate lesson.
During that training, the student will learn how to make acrobatic tricks.
The main work is more on technical details ("how to do the tricks"), than sexy movements
and pole dance (how to make a series of tricks, which is more the "personal touch"
of the student).

Sexy Move Class and GOGO Pole Class

Those lessons will be focus on how to dance with the music around the pole or on the floor.
Like the way to move on the floor, having a sexy pose, using the pole as an dance accessory
instead of pole dance instrument.
The difference between those two lessons are than "GOGO Pole Class" is focused on the gogo
dance on the pole and around it.
The "Sexy Move Class" is more focused on the dance and use of another accessories
(like hat, chair or others). In this lesson, the pole is not used.

ITAMI HipHop Class

The HipHop instructor ITAMI has every week hiphop dance workshop.
This lesson doesn`t use pole.

Pole'n Belly Dance Class

The famous dancer YUKI joined Japan Pole Dance for Pole'n Belly Dance lessons,
a mix between Pole dance and sexy Belly dance movements.
It is based on Belly dance foundation with Pole Dance spins and music choreography.
If you participate to Pole'n Belly dance class, you can directly come to beginner
class (without Basic Pole Dance class).

Streching Pilates Class

The Pilates instructor RIE joined Japan Pole Dance for special streching class.
This training is great for improving body flexibility and muscle strength.
This class is recommended for advance pole students, but beginners are welcome too.

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Another remarks

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・Even If late for a lesson, please pay usual lesson fee.